technical translation

How to Approach the Translation of Technical Terms

Tackling a translation containing technical terms requires both linguistic knowledge and a broad understanding of technical language. This is a type of specialized translation, characterized by content full of terminology exclusive to the field in...

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Technologies That Ensure Quality Scientific Translation Services

Thanks to globalization, communication and information no longer have any borders. Therefore, beyond access to the information, it is essential that all users understand it.

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PECAT: Pangeanic's Secret Weapon

At Pangeanic, we have developed PECAT, a cloud platform focused on improving our internal team’s work. PECAT stands out with its versatility, easy interface and high-quality performance, as well as being very powerful and secure.

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All about health information privacy law

The increasing adoption of information technology in the healthcare sector accelerates the potential to facilitate fruitful new insights emerging from large datasets and complex sources. Laws protecting health data privacy, backed by...

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Ensuring quality medical translations according to the new MDR and IVDR regulations

What does medical translation involve?

Medical translation has always required, but today more than ever, precision and up-to-date technical knowledge, as well as high levels of quality control and understanding of the legal and regulatory context.

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Everything you need to know about machine translation

Using machines to translate content from one language to another has long been a goal for computer scientists and translators. It was about ten years ago when machine translation made its first great leap forward thanks to the practical application...

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Mexicanisms II: commonly used Mexican words

As we said in Mexicanisms I: widely used Mexican expressions, Mexico is one of the real linguistic driving forces of Latin America. While some of these Mexican words come from Spanish spoken in Spain many years ago, others are based on the enormous...

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Proofreading Rates: How much should I charge to proofread a translation?

Proofreading can be an important stage of your translation project because it detects mistakes the translator may have been blind to.

Performing a thorough proofreading of your content is instrumental in fixing any errors that might lead to...

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What Is the Most Ancient Language in the World?

It's not every day that a document written in the most ancient language in the world is uncovered. This is what the famous Egyptian Museum of Cairo did in 2013 after a remarkable find in a cave at the port of Wadi al-Jarf, near the Red Sea.


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