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What Is Software Localization?

Software localization services facilitate global communication regardless of physical borders. They offer an advantage for the user and, mostly, for developers and companies providing online services and applications.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Looking For E-commerce Translation Services

E-commerce translation services help companies expand into international markets, connect with customers, promote trust, and build lasting bonds. They are allied services for the growth and success of each and every brand.

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Proofreading Rates: How much should I charge to proofread a translation?

Proofreading can be an important stage of your translation project because it detects mistakes the translator may have been blind to.

Performing a thorough proofreading of your content is instrumental in fixing any errors that might lead to...

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Good Translation Websites: Benefits of translating into a different language

There are more than one billion live websites online. They are mostly monolingual, although translations are becoming increasingly important. There's no denying the Web has become the 'de facto' tool to search for information (much to the relieve of...

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Multilingual Web & Translator MT Awareness

April was a busy month within the Northern-hemisphere, conference-rich season. Gala took place in Lisbon and, although Pangeanic - PangeaMT could not participate, there were plenty of other specialist venues to choose from.

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