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Everything you need to know about machine translation

Using machines to translate content from one language to another has long been a goal for computer scientists and translators. It was about ten years ago when machine translation made its first great leap forward thanks to the practical application...

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Proofreading Rates: How much should I charge to proofread a translation?

Proofreading can be an important stage of your translation project because it detects mistakes the translator may have been blind to.

Performing a thorough proofreading of your content is instrumental in fixing any errors that might lead to...

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What Is the Most Ancient Language in the World?

It's not every day that a document written in the most ancient language in the world is uncovered. This is what the famous Egyptian Museum of Cairo did in 2013 after a remarkable find in a cave at the port of Wadi al-Jarf, near the Red Sea.


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Inverse translation: the more challenging direction

In translation studies, the term "inverse translation" is used when referring to the act of translating from one's mother tongue into another working language.

The opposite is labeled as "direct translation", where the translator operates from one...

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Diglossia and Translation

Derived from the Greek word διγλωσσία, which is defined as bilingualism, diglossia is a linguistic phenomenon in which a language has two varieties often labeled as a high variety ("H") and a low variety ("L").

The specialized meaning of the term...
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Mexican phrases: Mexican slang translator

As well as being a tremendous country, Mexico is one of the real linguistic driving forces of Latin America. Discover these Mexicanisms and their importance to translation into and from Spanish.

While some words come from old Spanish spoken in...
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Cuban sayings? 10 expressions you’ll only know if you’re from Cuba

Let’s travel to an island with its own wonderful language, personality, authenticity and freshness, located in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? However, if we were to whisper “Cuba” into your ear, you’d probably realize...

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Lost in Arabic Native Translation

Some of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients on a daily basis are: "which Arabic dialects do you translate into?" "what is your translator's native Arabic dialect?" "can you handle Gulf Arabic dialects for this particular project?"

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Inuit words for snow: Are there really 50?

For many years, linguists have considered it an urban myth that the Arctic-dwelling Inuits have 50 words for snow. The idea was first put out in the 1880s by an anthropologist called Franz Boas during his expedition to northern Canada to study the...

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