natural language processing

Top Annotation Guidelines for Human Labelers

The clarity of annotation guidelines is a key building block to obtain quality data used to train machine learning models. Proper training and annotation guidelines for human labelers are key factors directly determining how well those models will...

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NLP Techniques: The Most Powerful Natural Language Processing Methods

In today’s digital world, companies have access to large volumes of data, data that must be understood in order to deliver a better customer experience, to increase their competitive edge, to streamline internal processes, and more. 

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How Can a Language Detector Help Your Company?

In today’s digital and globalized markets, a language detector or identifier is essential for companies operating in multilingual business ecosystems. 

In this way, information from business e-mails, chats, and texts can be prepared and correctly...

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How to boost your business with natural language processing (NLP)

What is natural language processing and how does it work?

Natural language processing (NLP) is a powerful combination of linguistics and computer science that, through the study of language and the creation of intelligent systems, makes human...

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