Do you need to translate German to English?

    "Can you translate German to English quickly? I have some technical manuals to translate from German into English" or "We need to machine translate Bi[..]
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    Do Jamaicans Speak Spanish: Should Become its Second Language?

    It is widely acknowledged that English is the official first language of Jamaica. However, the reality is that the majority of Jamaicans speak a varie[..]
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    Multilingual Website SEO services - the New Frontier for International Business

    Most online businesses want to expand their operations in different parts of the world and why not? The beauty of owning an online business is that it[..]
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    German language - A brief history

    Would you would like to find out more about how the most spoken language in Europe came to be? Our brief history of the German language will help you.[..]
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    5 Chinese language facts (for foreigners)

    When Westerners look to China, they tend to think about a single culture. Far from reality. This is not so in the majority of countries. Here's 5 fact[..]
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    Website Content Translation - 5 Great Tips

    If you are an upcoming business owner driven by big marketing goals, you will definitely like to come up with new techniques to tap into wider audienc[..]
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    The Japanese Language

    A short history of the Japanese language There are few languages on Earth which escape a deep analysis of its roots and origins and the Japanese langu[..]
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    Website hosting in china - Where avoid the Great Firewall of China?

    OK, you have translated your website into Chinese, and now you wish to make all that exciting content available to more than 1,500 million people. Are[..]
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    Papua New Guinea is the country with the highest level of language diversity

    Most people, even those who are not necessarily linguistic experts or translation professionals know that there are thousands of languages in the worl[..]
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    The Swedish Language

    Just as Danish and Norwegian, Swedish also belongs to the North Germanic language group. It is not a widely spoken language: some 9 million people spe[..]
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