Brexit: the demise of English as an international language?

    Much has been said about what may happen to the English language and the need for English translations once the UK is no longer a member of the Europe[..]
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    How to Overcome Language Barriers In Your Business

    Business owners overlook the importance of making sure that their company is ready for international trade. They don’t put the effort in to ensure tha[..]
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    The worst translation mistake in history

    The National Security Agency in the US declassified a document which points to what is likely to be the worst translation mistake in history. Or, at l[..]
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    Google Translate error: we thought Russia was Mordor

    Google Translate errors have become a kind of popular culture joke (see our previous entry about the "clitoris festival" in a Spanish town). Some year[..]
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    Which is the most translated website in the world?

    There are literally millions of websites out there, many of which contain several languages. Translating a website has become nowadays a basic busines[..]
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    Translate mistake in Spanish thanks to Google

    Google Translate error mistranslates Galician vegetable food festival and makes town the world’s laughing stock There are 11,000 inhabitants in Spain’[..]
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    Inuit words for snow: Are there really 50 different?

    For many years, linguists have considered it an urban myth that the Arctic-dwelling Inuits have 50 words for snow. The idea was first started by an an[..]
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    Do you need to translate German to English?

    "Can you translate German to English quickly? I have some technical manuals to translate from German into English" or "We need to machine translate Bi[..]
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    Do Jamaicans Speak Spanish: Should Become its Second Language?

    It is widely acknowledged that English is the official first language of Jamaica. However, the reality is that the majority of Jamaicans speak a varie[..]
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    Multilingual Website SEO services - the New Frontier for International Business

    Most online businesses want to expand their operations in different parts of the world and why not? The beauty of owning an online business is that it[..]
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