10 Myths about Translation

    The world of translation is not always clearly understood by the average Joe who doesn’t request translations on a regular basis. In fact there are a [..]
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    Mexican quotes and proverbs

    Last Mexicanisms post of the series, in which you can learn some of the most popular Mexican proverbs that make Mexico a linguistic driving force in L[..]
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    Mexican words, terms...

    As we said in Mexicanisms I: widely used Mexican expressions, Mexico is one of the real linguistic driving forces of Latin America. While there are so[..]
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    Arabic idioms: a challenge for the english translator

    The main duty of a translator is to bridge a gap between two cultures by means of an interpretive act that makes the division between both cultures le[..]
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    Mexican phrases: Mexican slang translator

    As well as being a tremendous country, Mexico is one of the real linguistic driving forces of Latin America. Find here Mexicanisms and their importanc[..]
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    Why is Arabic written from right to left?

    When learning Arabic, the challenge begins as soon as you realize you have to flick the pages of your student book backwards. Unless you would like to[..]
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    Cuban sayings? 10 expressions you’ll only know if you’re from Cuba

    Let’s travel to an island with its own wonderful language, personality, authenticity and freshness which is located in the middle of the Caribbean sea[..]
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    Arabic Dictionaries: an ordeal for the learner?

    Whether you are a writer, translator or simply learning a foreign language, a dictionary can be your best friend. In fact, even a native speaker of a [..]
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    Multilingualism in the world: the future of the English language in the 21st Century

    by Carolina Herranz-Carr  Carolina is an Account Executive at East Creative Agency, a voice-over artist in English and Spanish and a graduate from Bru[..]
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    Top tips to translate websites

    Translating a website is something that has been considered by many companies at some point throughout their business lifespan. Nowadays, internet has[..]
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