Discover the latest trends in the translation industry

    The translation industry is going through a period of profound transformation driven by technological change. Therefore, opportunities such as using m[..]
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    Pangeanic's ECO: a mission to translate and anonymize all the text in the world

    The importance of translation is reflected in numerous day-to-day applications, from mere entertainment to e-commerce services and much more sensitive[..]
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    How to boost your business with natural language processing (NLP)

    What is natural language processing and how does it work? Natural language processing (NLP) is a powerful combination of linguistics and computer scie[..]
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    How to protect your data with data masking

    The digital world is full of opportunities provided by the Internet, as well as cloud servers, when it comes to hosting, sharing and using the profusi[..]
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    What is natural language processing? NLP for beginners

    As consumers, our everyday lives are overwhelmed by applications that, in order to make our digital experience more intuitive and rewarding, are power[..]
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    Ensuring quality medical translations according to the new MDR and IVDR regulations

    What does medical translation involve? Medical translation has always required, but today more than ever, precision and up-to-date technical knowledge[..]
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    How to make the most of AI-based translation: pros and cons

    The basis of any effective strategy whose objective is to internationalize a business is communication. Suppliers, distributors and potential customer[..]
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    Everything you need to know about machine translation

    Using machines to translate content from one language to another has long been a goal for computer scientists and translators. It was about ten years [..]
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    Learn more about Pangeanic's Language Technology

    Intelligent translation and automated text handling are no longer a thing of the future: thanks to the advances in language technology, these discipli[..]
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    The importance of Data Cleansing in MT and Deep Learning

    Data cleansing is an essential step in the search for any type of data validation. This also includes the processes related to language technologies, [..]
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