All About Language Technology and Machine Translation With Maite Melero

    Synopsis: Maite Melero is a senior researcher specialized in the field of language technology, machine translation and natural language processing. Sh[..]
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    Why All Companies Should Use Data Anonymization

    Nowadays, personal data protection is a strategic action for companies. And not only for compliance with legal regulations, but also to avoid loss of [..]
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    How do artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis tools work?

    Sometimes, when we see a message, a critique or review, or receive a document from a customer, it is not clear if it is a joke, has a hidden intention[..]
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    5 factors to consider if you are looking for video game translation services

    The video game industry is immersed in spectacular growth (more than 20% annually), both in sales and in new game development and, in countries such a[..]
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    Back translation: find out all about it

    Back translation or reverse translation consists of translating back into the original language in order to ensure the accuracy or literalness of a tr[..]
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    Ensuring good machine translation using BLEU scoring

    As time goes by, machine translation (MT) systems have become indispensable. Innovative technologies have been developed with sophisticated artificial[..]
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    Compliance with pseudonymization according to the GDPR

    The advances and expansion of new technology present a new challenge: that of managing their evolution and, at the same time, ensuring the privacy of [..]
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    All about health information privacy law

    The increasing adoption of information technology in the healthcare sector accelerates the potential to facilitate fruitful new insights emerging from[..]
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    6 personal data anonymization techniques you should know about

    Organizations generate and store a large amount of information across their departments, from personal data to purchasing behavior and location detail[..]
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    Services that every translation company should offer

    Translation services are used by governments, companies and individuals seeking to bridge the communication gap that exists between entities that spea[..]
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