Ensuring quality medical translations according to the new MDR and IVDR regulations

    What does medical translation involve? Medical translation has always required, but today more than ever, precision and up-to-date technical knowledge[..]
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    How to make the most of AI-based translation: pros and cons

    The basis of any effective strategy whose objective is to internationalize a business is communication. Suppliers, distributors and potential customer[..]
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    Everything you need to know about machine translation

    Using machines to translate content from one language to another has long been a goal for computer scientists and translators. It was about ten years [..]
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    Learn more about Pangeanic's Language Technology

    Intelligent translation and automated text handling are no longer a thing of the future: thanks to the advances in language technology, these discipli[..]
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    The importance of Data Cleansing in MT and Deep Learning

    Data cleansing is an essential step in the search for any type of data validation. This also includes the processes related to language technologies, [..]
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    Best data anonymization tools and techniques

    There is a popular ongoing debate about the underlying brain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of algorithms and existing machines that[..]
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    How to find the perfect partner for technical translation?

    It is true that translating technical documents can be considered less sophisticated and glamorous than translating literary works such as novels or p[..]
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    7 fields in which organizations benefit from Natural Language Processing software

    Language comprises a huge body of words and sentences packed with complexities and irregularities that humans take years and years to learn. And while[..]
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    Languages that defy machine translation

    There are over 7,000 languages in the world – some allow for easy machine translation, while others present a major challenge for these translation in[..]
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    How to train your machine translation engine

    A machine translation engine offers many advantages, with reduced translation times and minimized use of human resources being the main benefits.
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