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What Is Software Localization?

Software localization services facilitate global communication regardless of physical borders. They offer an advantage for the user and, mostly, for developers and companies providing online services and applications.

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Top Machine Translation Software Trends for 2023

Machine translation software is the best solution for companies that are internationalizing their business and need to build a strong relationship with wider audiences, languages, and cultures. All this while guaranteeing data protection and...

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What has Pangeanic been up to in 2022?

Join us on this tour to rediscover our best 2022 events.

Why is attending events so important?

Taking part in events such as conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. is a great opportunity for both employees and the company. Participants can expand...

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What Is Statistical Machine Translation?

Statistical machine translation, known asSMT or StatMT, is an approach to machine translation which yields the most probable output (translation) of each element that makes up a sentence. It is based on the use of statistical models that analyze...

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Data Anonymization Software: Discover Pangea Masker

Data anonymization softwareis an ally to all organizations or companies, helping them  comply with regulations, reduce risks, minimize liabilities, consolidate customer confidence, save time, and increase productivity. 

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Zero-Shot Learning in NLP


In the supervised learning paradigm, labeled data sets are an essential resource when it comes to training artificial intelligence to find patterns in the labeled data.

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Discover k-Anonymity, a Property of Anonymized Data

k-anonymity is a concept linked to privacy and information security, involving "hiding" values within a multitude of data.

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What are Translation Management Systems and how to choose one

A translation management system (TMS) is one of the main tools available to manage and control translation processes. It is an essential tool in the optimization of a localization process workflow.

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Latest developments and technology in personal data anonymization

The anonymization of personal data represents a set of techniques and methods used to guarantee the right to privacy of individuals against the use of their personal data by third parties. It is a methodology that minimizes the risks of an...

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How differential privacy complements anonymization to ensure data security

Undoubtedly, the intelligent use of data is a vital and strategic action for any company or research organization. However, this legitimate exploitation of data is limited by the need to preserve the right to privacy of data subjects.

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