Why Machine Translation Output Needs Post-Editing

    One of the most challenging parts of using machine translation output is post-editing it. Post-editing occurs after the text has been translated using[..]
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    How Machine Translation Works

    In the right situations, machine translation, sometimes referred to as MT, is a powerful tool. Delivering low-quality conversion of text within second[..]
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    Human Translation VS Machine Translation

    We all know that machine translation services can be used in some contexts as a tool to increase productivity in the translation process. The availabi[..]
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    Proud to be Russian: find out in what aspect

    Opinion polls undertaken in the run towards Russia's National Day in 2013 by the VCIOM (the Russian Public Opinion Research Center) showed interesting[..]
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    A good translation is essential

    The Importance of Good Translation Understanding what someone is saying is of the highest importance in any circumstance. It could even be a small mis[..]
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    What is the size of the translation industry?

    How big is the translation services market? What are the most in-demand languages? What trends can we identify in the translation industry? In short, [..]
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    Translation File Formats: What Can I Use?

    What are the most common formats for a translation? Can you translate my document in my format? What file formats can I use for translation? We are of[..]
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    National chinese language can't be spoken by millions of people

    According to recent press reports, it seems that over 400 million Chinese are not able to speak Mandarin - their own national language. China has no o[..]
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    Right Translation Service: How to Choose?

    As our world becomes somewhat smaller when it comes to communicating on an international basis, it’s now important to be able to communicate in many d[..]
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    The ALPAC report

    The best-known event in the history of machine translation is, without a doubt, the publication of the ALPAC report (Automatic Language Processing Adv[..]
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