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Translate mistake in Spanish thanks to Google

Google Translate error mistranslates Galician vegetable food festival and makes town the world’s laughing stock

There are 11,000 inhabitants in Spain’s town of As Pontes, Galicia. This is the rainy, Atlantic North West. Portuguese language and...
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Multilingual Website SEO services - the New Frontier for International Business

Most online businesses want to expand their operations in different parts of the world and why not? The beauty of owning an online business is that it gives you the opportunity to grow far and wide without increasing your costs excessively. However,...
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5 Chinese language facts (for foreigners)

When Westerners consider China, they tend to think about one single culture. This is far from reality, both in China and the majority of countries. Here are 5 facts about the Chinese language that will help you understand this country's rich...
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Website Content Translation - 5 Great Tips

If you are an upcoming business owner driven by big marketing goals, you will definitely like to come up with new techniques to tap into wider audiences. You are confident you can do much better. You can boost your business by making your website...
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The Japanese Language

A short history of the Japanese language

There are few languages on Earth which escape a deep analysis of its roots and origins and the Japanese language is one of them, perhaps together with Basque and a few more isolates like the Japanese language.
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Website hosting in china - Where avoid the Great Firewall of China?

OK, you have translated your website into Chinese, and now you wish to make all that exciting content available to more than 1,500 million people. Are you going to just add Chinese as another language on your website? You probably have heard some...
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The Swedish Language

Just like Danish and Norwegian, Swedish also belongs to the North Germanic language group. It is not a widely spoken language: some 9 million people speak it in Sweden, although it is also used in some regions of Finland, where over 5% of the...

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The Afrikaans Language

It may be strange for a translation company outside South Africa to have translation requests into Afrikaans. At Pangeanic, as one of the best translation agencies in the world, we have to cater for all language combinations, and Afrikaans is one of...
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Tips for Website Translation and Localization

Website translation and localization are essential services for companies and individuals looking to market and sell their products (or services) in an increasingly connected world. There are hardly any “national markets” any longer, and the growing...

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Terrible Translations: 6 exemples

When hiring translation agencies or translators themselves, avoid some basic mistakes that guarantee you will get a terrible translation back.
[caption id="attachment_1654" align="alignright" width="300"] Copyright: kaparulin / 123RF Archive Photo...
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