Cheap translation servicies will cost dear. Go for quality translations

    Translation is a rapidly growing industry and professional translation services can be hired from translation agencies at varying rates. Here the ques[..]
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    Translate your content is not more expensive than create a new one

    by Manuel Herranz Content writing and quality translation services from translation companies are rapidly growing fields. In fact, they have gained su[..]
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    Languages in demand in the UK

    Every day, many companies, businesses and firms look for German, French, Spanish language skills. Staff capable of speaking fluently any of those lang[..]
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    Advantages of translation method

    The world is shrinking. Barriers such as language, geographical distances and borders are now becoming less of a challenge when it comes to communicat[..]
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    Why Raw Machine Translation Needs Post-Editing

    One of the most challenging parts of machine translation is that of post-editing. Post-editing is occurs after the text has been translated via machin[..]
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    How Machine Translation Works?

    Under the right situations, machine translation, sometimes referred to as MT, is a powerful tool. Delivering low-quality conversion of text within sec[..]
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    Human Translation VS Machine Translation

    We all know that machine translation services can be used in some contexts as a tool to increase productivity in the translation process. The availabi[..]
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    Proud to be Russian: find out in what aspect

    Opinion polls undertaken in the run towards Russia's National Day in 2013 by the VCIOM (the Russian Public Opinion Research Center) showed interesting[..]
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    A good translation is essential

    The Importance of Good Translation Understanding what someone is saying is of the highest importance in any circumstance. It could even be a small mis[..]
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    What is the size of the translation industry?

    How big is the translation services market? What are the most in-demand languages? What trends can we identify in the translation industry? In short, [..]
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