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Multilingual Translation: Breaking Down Barriers and Opening up Opportunities With Languages

Translating the same content into different languages, known as multilingual translation, is a challenging endeavor. Some of the difficulties that need to be overcome include the particular structures of each language, cultural differences, the need...

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Mexicanisms II: commonly used Mexican words

As we said in Mexicanisms I: widely used Mexican expressions, Mexico is one of the real linguistic driving forces of Latin America. While some of these Mexican words come from Spanish spoken in Spain many years ago, others are based on the enormous...

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Mexicanisms I: widely used Mexican expressions

As well as being a tremendous country, Mexico is one of the real linguistic driving forces of Latin America. Here are some Mexicanisms and their importance to translation into and from Spanish.

While there are some words that are still used despite...

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What is a Computer-Assisted Translation Tool?

Professional translators use a tool to store and recall their work when they provide a translation service. In principle, these tools (called CAT for short) work as a kind of database. A human translator is provided a sentence and as this sentence...

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Pangeanic: forward-looking translation service company

Our mission: "We believe in work well done, in work done by people, for people, combining Artificial Intelligence and humans".

That's Pangeanic! We work to democratize Artificial Intelligence through personalization for each user experience: Data...

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When to review a translation? The importance of human translation

Machine translation systems have advanced rapidly in recent years and have become sophisticated technologies that allow excellent results to be obtained without the need for extensive proofreading. However, in certain contexts human editing and...

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Why are some languages written from right to left?

Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi and other ancient languages have a common denominator: they are languages written from right to left. It is said that right-to-left scripts can be indicative of how ancient the language is because of the medium of writing that...

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What are the most challenging translation fields?

Linguistic challenges are only the first hurdle qualified translators are expected to jump over. Linguists have to face new challenges in different areas of expertise every day, depending on the field of translation. After breaking down the language...

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Steps for quality translation services

Quality translation services generally consist of three steps: translation, editing and proofreading.

For projects with a large volume of words or technical translations, it is convenient to add one more step to ensure that the final quality step...

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Working from home productivity: how to stay productive while on lockdown

Is possible to boost working from home productivity? While working from home can be someone's productivity booster, it can be someone else's distracting disaster. The experience of replacing office politics with the comfort of your own home might...

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