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Our ECO Platform Integrates ChatGPT With Personal Data Privacy Features

At Pangeanic, we are the industry leader in providing NLP solutions to institutions, government and enterprises. Today, we are announcing the integration of OpenAI's GPT on our platform.  Users can access some of the Generative Pre-Trained...

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The Difference between PII and GDPR’s Personal Data

When we speak about PII and GDPR's personal data and privacy, we will find different terms according to the jurisdiction we deal with. Although the meaning is generally understood to be similar, there is often confusion between them and they...

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Best data anonymization tools and techniques

There is a popular ongoing debate about the underlying brain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of algorithms and existing machines that are capable of thinking like people comes with the need to balance technical knowledge with moral...

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463 Exabyte Reasons to Start Anonymizing Now

Throughout society, data impacts every aspect of our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Each day 306 billion emails are sent, 95 million photos or videos are uploaded, and 26 billion IoT devices are in circulation. (Source: World Economic...

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Anonymization Regulations, Privacy Acts and Confidentiality Agreements

How do they differ and what do they protect us from?

One of the possible definitions of privacy is the right that all people have to control information about themselves, and particularly who can access personal information, under what conditions...

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Why is data anonymization important?

Data anonymization refers to the process of de-identifying personal information from text. A type of information sanitization with the intention of protecting privacy.

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