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CAT tool

What is a Computer-Assisted Translation Tool?

Professional translators use a tool to store and recall their work when they provide a translation service. In principle, these tools (called CAT for short) work as a kind of database. A human translator is provided a sentence and as this sentence...

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Computer-Assisted Translation Tools: User Needs Poll

We have often said in our blog and publications that translation stopped being a craft a long time ago. Translation companies are becoming solution providers in terms of tools and technology - particularly solutions that help companies publish more,...

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Computer-assisted translation tool: What is a CAT tool?

Using a computer-assisted translation tool, abbreviated as CAT tool, is a process which includes the use of software to aid individuals in translating. In case of time constraints, a computer-assisted translation tool can effectively reduce the...

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CAT tool software is not good enough for Europe

And why should it be? Decisions coming from Brussels tend to be misunderstood, shallowly analyzed or directly criticized whichever way the wind blows.

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Machines will never translate like humans

The argument about what machines can(not) do and that they will never be as good as humans is as long as humankind. Amazingly enough, humans fly better and more efficiently than birds, sail through the seas and can actually communicate at great...

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