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Easy translation with Pangeanic's plugins: the most powerful and efficient machine translation

If you need to translate a large amount of information or documents in a fast and practical way, Pangeanic's plugins and API are the ideal solution. We guarantee near-human quality machine translation based on customized engines, self-learning...

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How do artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis tools work?

Sometimes, when we see a message, a critique or review, or receive a document from a customer, it is not clear if it is a joke, has a hidden intention or if it is ironic. Does this situation sound familiar? Most probably yes, since it is very...

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How to make the most of AI-based translation: pros and cons

The basis of any effective strategy whose objective is to internationalize a business is communication. Suppliers, distributors and potential customers increasingly look for information in their own language in order to feel more comfortable and...

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Best data anonymization tools and techniques

There is a popular ongoing debate about the underlying brain of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The development of algorithms and existing machines that are capable of thinking like people comes with the need to balance technical knowledge with moral...

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Pangeanic: forward-looking translation service company

Our mission: "We believe in work well done, in work done by people, for people, combining Artificial Intelligence and humans".

That's Pangeanic! We work to democratize Artificial Intelligence through personalization for each user experience: Data...

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Languages that defy machine translation

There are over 7,000 languages in the world – some allow for easy machine translation, while others present a major challenge for these translation initiatives. 

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Are Japanese, Spanish,  French foreign languages for artificial intelligence?

In 2021, English is undoubtedly the main language used in AI. However, the application of artificial intelligence tends to take place in many scenarios and countries,  and across different languages. Creating and training algorithms with data in...

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AI will read text to discover information for you

In the first of a series of interviews with Pangeanic's key R&D and technology product team, we discover the "inside" view of our developers and visionaries as experts. In this new interview, we talk to Manuel Herranz, CEO of the company to tell us...

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What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning?

Machine learning and deep learning are the two main concepts within data science and subsets of the wider field of artificial intelligence. Many novices use the terms machine learningdeep learning and artificial intelligence as if they all meant...

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