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What Is Meta-Learning in Machine Learning and How Does It Work?

Conventional AI-based models aim to solve a given task from scratch by training and using a fine-tuned learning algorithm. But meta-learning seeks to improve that same learning algorithm, through various learning methods.

Thus, meta-learning is a...

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3 Types of Machine Translation and How to Use Them

If you are a content manager and own a business, you know how much time writing takes. One of your writers may produce content for your blog every week, for example, a content-rich article of about 1,000 words. It soon adds up to 10,000 words of...

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Top Annotation Guidelines for Human Labelers

The clarity of annotation guidelines is a key building block to obtain quality data used to train machine learning models. Proper training and annotation guidelines for human labelers are key factors directly determining how well those models will...

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Tips for Creating Accurate and Useful Image Data Sets

Computer vision data sets are essential for training machine learning models to detect objects, faces, and other visual features. However, it can be difficult to know what to annotate and how to do it correctly.

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Machine Translation is Revolutionizing eLearning Translation Services... And Fast!

The rise of eLearning has made education more accessible than ever before. The eLearning industry is valued at $315B in revenue, which makes it a lucrative sector many companies are stepping into. However, eLearning providers face one challenge:...

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Speech and Video Data Masking for Law Enforcement

Speech and video data masking is a technology developed to protect the privacy of individuals in video and audio recordings. This can be useful for law enforcement agencies that need to collect, share or release evidence but do not want to release...

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The Importance and Challenges of AI Text-to-Speech

What does converting text to speech consist of?

Text-to-speech (TTS) technology transforms written text into audio format with a human-like voice. It is based on natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, and can be used on a wide...

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Beyond ChatGPT: The Future of Large Language Models and AI

On March 22, 2023, we attended SlatorCon Remote, an online event where language industry experts and leaders come together to discuss this fascinating industry that is in constant growth. Among the hot topics are new emerging markets and how...

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What Is Fine-Tuning and How Does It Work in Neural Networks?

Developing, validating and training a network from scratch can be an enormous task, in addition to requiring large data sets. This is why fine-tuning is so interesting.

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Ethics in AI: Challenges and Responsibilities in the Digital Era

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing field whose goal is to revolutionize many aspects of our lives by making them easier and more automated. However, as AI systems become more powerful, there is a growing need to ensure that they are...

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