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In compliance with the provisions established in the Law on Personal Data ProtectionPangeanic B.I. Europa S.L. acting as a translation company (henceforth “the company”) informs the user of the existence of an automated personal data file which is created by the company, which is the legal holder and responsible for its keeping safe. The purpose of which being to maintain and manage the relationship with the visitors requesting information or the clients who have accessed its website electronically, filling forms or via emails. This data file has been filed and registered with the Spanish Central Data Protection Agency.


Data supplied by the user to the company is collected for the purpose of managing the user’s requests and preferences, providing the user with the information, services and and experience he or she may require, as well as offering new services.


By the use of the above forms, as well as the sending of query electronic mails, the sender’s consent is assumed as accepted with regards to the automated processing of the data included in the communication media previously mentioned. No data shall be transferred to 3rd parties. Unless otherwise expressly stated, the required information on personal data is provided voluntarily. The refusal to provide such information in no way shall mean the user enjoys less quantity or quality of services requested by the user. However, whenever the compulsory fields are not completed, or data provided is incorrect, the company shall not be able to provide the user with the services selected, process the user’s requests or provide him or her with the requested information.


The user shall be entitled to exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and refusal to the processing of his or her personal data as per the terms and conditions established in the Spanish Law on Personal Data Protection (compliant with European Union’s Data Protection Laws). The user shall also be entitled to exercise the aforementioned rights by writing to the following email address: The company does not use “spamming”. Similarly, the users are not registered in our file after merely visiting our website. The company shall only process the information supplied by the user or on emails or when requesting information about our professional services.


The company maintains high security levels of data protection, in compliance with the Spanish Royal Decree 994/1999 of June 11th and EU regulations which regulate the security measures related to automated data files containing personal data. The company has established all technical measures within its reach in order to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, non-authorized use or robbery of any data supplied to the company by the user. Users should be aware in any case that Internet security measures are not infallible. In respect of any matter regarding the protection of personal data, the user can contact the company using our email:

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