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India needs more translation into European languages to advance its economic weight

by Manuel Herranz The last decade has been great for India. Not only its economy has grown, but we can already see Indian heads at most big companies in the US and other countries, as CEO’s or key personnel. This is not surprising: when we look at the recent developments in India’s economy we find out that it is currently growing faster than the economy of China. Traditionally, India’s economy has been more open and less protective. It has always been easier to do business in India, with less red tape than China. It is a huge achievement for a country which is now entering a second phase: Indian companies will begin to take positions in the world and export services directly from India making use of their excellent English skills. This is a key difference when looking at other BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, China) which have other national languages. Brazil and Russia have suffered stagnation for more than […]

Speak to Global Customers in Their Own Language

Digital Business and Language Translation

by Manuel Herranz In many ways, the world seems to be getting smaller. Transatlantic flights may still take hours, but there is no denying that international markets are becoming more accessible than ever due to globalization, increased connectivity and the relaxation of trade barriers. Previously, the possibility of doing business overseas was only an option for large businesses as they had extensive resources, and specialist knowledge. Fortunately, this is no longer the case as even small digital businesses can reach out to international markets in a number of ways, mostly through international websites, translation services and website localization. A digital business has the option of using a ready-made sales platform such as Amazon, offering direct online sales or seeking trading partners in the local market. Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc., and eCommerce software like Prestashop or Magento make it easy to have a global presence…in one language. However, […]

Will there be CAT tools in 2020?

by Manuel Herranz The speed at which computers and computing have evolved over the last 30 years has brought massive changes to many professions –and change for translation companies has not been an exception. However, the speed at which automation has hit and awaken our industry has often been “slow”. I mean automation not just in the general sense of machine translation, but most kinds of automations, including project management.  Adoption and progress have been painful, if we measure how clients often measure us: per capita productivity or how fast can you turn your translations around. The revolution brought about by the surge and increasing acceptance of machine translation in the last 5 years can only find a comparison in the “revolution” brought about by CAT tools in the 90’s. So, the question soon arises: Will there be CAT tools in 2020? Is a higher level of automation going to […]

Human Translation or Machine Translation – What’s Best for Me?

For some people, using a translation software program to translate a piece of text from one language to the next is enough. They believe the current state-of-the-art is good enough to provide Human Translation or Machine Translation. It would be naive to believe this always works. We have proven at Pangeanic that this works in applied contexts, when we are dealing with a particular domain, enough clean data and when certain conditions apply. Please refer to many of our presentations since 2009 on the use of applied machine translation to speed translation of documentation in particular. But as we all know, it takes a lot more than just software. The application of unrestricted, universal machine translation will take some time. In fact, it would not be fair to talk about “machine translation” in general but language combinations (English/Spanish/French/Portuguese/Scandinavian) in which it is undoubtedly successful -whilst in other languages certain nuances make […]

Cheaper & cheaper… how much does a translation cost? (1/2)

by Manuel Herranz If you are looking for general price estimations, please visit “How much does a translation cost” in our Knowledge Center. It has only been a couple of weeks since the EU-funded study “The size of the language industry in the EU” was published. It attracted a lot of immediate attention by the translation industry’s gurus, it was twittered all around the world within less than 24 hrs. Amazing how fast people can read, work, see to their daily tasks and commitments and still comment on a downloadable PDF that is 426 pages long within hours. But perhaps immediacy and “breaking news reporting” is more important than analysis in digital times… Well, it took us almost 2 weeks to go through it without neglecting our day-to-day commitments. According to the drafting parties, the report is “the first to analyze the size of the language industry EU-wide, covers translation, […]

Crowdsourcing according to Jost

Excellent article on CrowdSourcing by Jost Zetzsche (Issue 9-10-152)  and no less about the use of Twitter in our industry (Pangeanic was present in TAUS  Portland when the “no twitter allowed” message was issued – and we understand both sides of the argument). which I reproduce below (skipping the ads). It is likely the “current” in the html will be updated next month, so the link will be old. A computer newsletter for translation professionals Busted!  Did you ever realize how much truth-telling there can be in machine translation? I just found out when I tested the great hyperbolic promise “you never have to translate the same sentence twice” in Translation Party. I have rarely chortled such deep belly laughs.Other great computer-related news this week? Not really. Oh, yes, a new operating system! More on that and what it means to language professionals in the coming weeks.     […]

Pangeanic commits to Data-Sharing Platform

After three-year long discussions among corporations, language vendors and institutions, Pangeanic commits to Data-Sharing Platform in a multinational effort to share translation databases among some of the most important corporations. Pangeanic will be a contribuitor to the project with TMs provided by their clients and its own TMs which are also being used for its own Moses-based machine-translation solution into French, Spanish, Italian and German. It is envisaged that through Pangeanic’s membership, the customized engines will be able to achieve higher levels of accuracy after re-training.   Next time you think languages, think Pangeanic Your Machine Translation Customization Solutions    

Google Adds Translation on Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets got clever new feature this week: support for language translation. Google Spreadsheets has added support for the Google AJAX Language API, according to Google Operating System . With this addition, you can enter any text in English, and then translate it using any of approximately 50 languages supported by Google Translate. Translations are updated every time you add anything to the document and re-publish it. Alternatively, you can also set it to re-publish automatically every time you change anything in the spreadsheet. A further option is that this gadget can be embedded into any webpage, providing your readers the ability to translate your text into the language of their choice. Using Google’s free tools, however, carries a small cost. Any data that is sent over to the online tools can be used by Google for its own statistical purposes. Google can make use of the data you provide – from translation to […]

Pangeanic at UN-EU Procurement Forum

Pangeanic was an attendee at the United Nations/European Union (UN-EU) Procurement Forum in New York late April, 2007. As part of the Spanish Trade Mission, Pangeanic representatives met UN staff, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, who were eager to find out more about our translation processes. A strong emphasis was placed on translation automation and the possibility of implementing machine translation processes to language production. Pangeanic is a registered supplier to the United Nations and a reliable, professional supplier of translation services. It is a member of TAUS and a supplier of post-editing services to the European Union.   Next time you think languages, think Pangeanic Your Machine Translation Customization Solutions