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The Top Benefits of Using a Professional Japanese Translation Service

Many people wonder why they need to use a professional translation service. After all, an online translation tool could do just as well, couldn’t it? Unfortunately, that line of thought couldn’t be more wrong. Tools such as Google Translate can help to give you a general understanding of a text. However, the quality isn’t good enough for your business. When translating from English to Japanese, it’s essential to have a professional Japanese translator. You may think that bypassing the process will save you money, but it will, in fact, cost you. The Japanese language is very remote to English language word order. Japanese also has a very different way to express themselves. A direct “Japanese English translation service” will make no sense to English speakers as the word order is all upside down If you’re not sure why you should use a professional Japanese translation service, have a look at one of […]

Will there be CAT tools in 2020?

by Manuel Herranz The speed at which computers and computing have evolved over the last 30 years has brought massive changes to many professions –and change for translation companies has not been an exception. However, the speed at which automation has hit and awaken our industry has often been “slow”. I mean automation not just in the general sense of machine translation, but most kinds of automations, including project management.  Adoption and progress have been painful, if we measure how clients often measure us: per capita productivity or how fast can you turn your translations around. The revolution brought about by the surge and increasing acceptance of machine translation in the last 5 years can only find a comparison in the “revolution” brought about by CAT tools in the 90’s. So, the question soon arises: Will there be CAT tools in 2020? Is a higher level of automation going to […]

Cheaper & cheaper… how much does a translation cost? (1/2)

by Manuel Herranz If you are looking for general price estimations, please visit “How much does a translation cost” in our Knowledge Center. It has only been a couple of weeks since the EU-funded study “The size of the language industry in the EU” was published. It attracted a lot of immediate attention by the translation industry’s gurus, it was twittered all around the world within less than 24 hrs. Amazing how fast people can read, work, see to their daily tasks and commitments and still comment on a downloadable PDF that is 426 pages long within hours. But perhaps immediacy and “breaking news reporting” is more important than analysis in digital times… Well, it took us almost 2 weeks to go through it without neglecting our day-to-day commitments. According to the drafting parties, the report is “the first to analyze the size of the language industry EU-wide, covers translation, […]