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Microsoft Skype Machine Translator is finally here – and data sucking?

by Manuel Herranz Several companies are working in machine translation and, in fact, some large companies are “BUYING” machine translation companies so that the technology becomes part of their offering a it becomes core to their business. Ebay did so with Apptek in 2014 and Facebook did it a year earlier, acquiring Mobile Technologies, the Pittsburgh-based developer behind the app Jibbigo. Previously, Facebook had been relying on Microsoft Bing for machine translation. Microsoft has gone a step forward and Microsoft Skype Machine Translator is finally here. If your business interests are based in more than one country, you probably want to have a certain level of ownership about your multilingual content and how it is published. You can translate yourself. Perhaps you are willing to pay for professional translations for your most relevant content, but leave not-so-relevant content to machine translation, which can happen on-the-fly. Furthermore, many of your transactions […]

About MT & smartphones, speech recognition and hybrids

by Manuel Herranz February’s event has been Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, but not only for those interested in mobile/cell handsets as a means of communication. The accent has been on the convergence of technology. Whereas pixels and cameras, email or videoconference dominated some years ago, and social networking not so long ago, 2010 has proved that cloud computing, harnessing vast server resources may be made available in your pocket soon. Translation is bound to be just one of those services. Shouldn’t our mission become “to help the world communicate faster“? Open Source programs like Moses have made it possible to democratize access to machine-translation technology and open the playing field. More importantly, Moses has made MT customizable to a very large degree, so one can build all-in “hybrid” systems without the need to resort to nice-sounding cocktails of rule-based and statistical machine translation systems. In reality, there is little need to integrate […]