Lions for lambs or how Deja Vu can be used for Trados projects… and more

by Manuel Herranz Sometimes one comes across some free advice that solves old problems, throws new light and confirms the fears. As SDL software becomes as ubiquitous in the translation industry as Microsoft in the OS world, it really takes effort and encouragement to yell to the thousands of users (newcomers as well as established corporations) that there are other possibilities out there, away from the forces that drive the markets (and our pockets). We are going to deal with a CAT tool which, in my opinion, does not get the limelight it deserves. Let’s see how Deja Vu can be used for Trados projects. Trados/SDL software has become ever so present in our everyday translating lives (through very powerful and very effective marketing, among other techniques) that it is hardly imaginable why translators and corporations would use anything else unless they were forced to, or unless they were serving direct, […]

Comment to SDL’s “Sharing Data between Companies – is it the Holy Grail?”

by Manuel Herranz Eye openers about data sharing (or data mixing) abound nowadays. The kick start for TM leveraging, automation and faster solutions has come from outside our beloved language industry in the shape of – algorithms that create language (SMT) and their application/business by players inside and outside the industry (from Google Translate to new MT entrants and offsprings) – a credit crunch and a financial crisis that is leading companies to rethink the unthinkable A few times (exceptions) language professionals have joined to actually innovate and come up with something really new, mostly crowdsourcing, in translation, in frameworks, in workflows. Never mind, it is seldom the norm that busy people have the time to innovate. It takes a shot from outside a particular industry to shake the foundations or to force to change things. (Let’s assume from a positivist point of view that change is for the better). […]