Post-editing of machine translation: the skills and the views of the experts

by Manuel Herranz Ramping up to his role as moderator in the forthcoming Proz’s post-editing debate on 24th September, Jeff Allen (Engineering Tools Integration Expert) from SAP, exchanged views with Pangeanic‘s Manuel Herranz as practitioners and implementors of machine translation solutions. Jeff has been a champion of machine translation and post-editing for decades, with hands-on experience with practically every MT technology, rule-based, knowledge-based and statistical machine translation. His practical approach to language technologies and interest in humanitarian causes led him to deploy a first publicly-available Creole MT solution during the Haiti crisis in 2010. (Click here to see video on how Jeff was able to create a basic machine translation for aid relief system even with little data  The successes and challenges of making low-data languages available in online automatic translation portals and software.) It looks like MT has become a “must-have” technology for all language companies. Some, like Pangeanic, decided […]

LocWorld Paris 2012 – Machine Translation Use Case Pre-Conference Day – Moses Core

by Manuel Herranz and Kerstin Bier Pangeanic was a guest speaker at Localization World’s Moses Core Pre-Conference Day in Paris, June 2012 thanks to its efforts to make the EU-sponsored academic machine-translation development Moses a commercially viable, user friendly, web-based environment with self-training (DIY) features.   PangeaMT overcomes many of its shortcomings and is built as a solution for language service providers and translation users large and small. The Moses platform is now the most widespread SMT translator in the world, but deployment is not for the faint-hearted, nor the amounts of data  necessary to make it work,  building language pairs, etc. This session was geared at presenting some implementation user cases from several organizations.  I will summarize a star application at Sybase. Kerstin Bier is a member of the Sybase Technical Publications Solutions team (Sybase is now part of SAP). Kerstin has been one of the early adopters of Moses-based […]