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Translation Technologies at LocWorld (Part 2: Practitioners)

by Manuel Herranz I will describe the rest of the very interesting Pre-conference Day and presentations by the organizers (TAUS) as well as other 3 companies which are either machine translation developers or practitioners of automated translation solutions. Presentations brought different perspectives to the machine translation landscape, with efforts and advancements by several companies, including Pangeanic. Maxim Khalilov from TAUS summarized the good work being done by the organization within the MosesCore project. His presentation was an invitation to visit and find out more about tools, data and resources. Amongst the tools, he mentioned other alternatives to Moses (Thot, for instance), as well as a collection of TAUS features on quality evaluation. Important for new entrants or those with an interest in MT is the collection of data at TAUS: Europarl (1,8 million sentences), JRC-Acquis (270 paragraphs), Hansards, UN, OPUS, LDC Linguistic Data Consortium, ELRA, as well as TAUS’ own repositories, […]

End of Multimodal Pattern Recognition Project Hails New Features of Machine Translation

by Manuel Herranz The closure of the MIPRCV project (Multimodal Interactive Pattern Recognition) at the beginning of November showcased real-life industry applications from Spanish Research & Development, with examples from bank La Caixa, translation company Pangeanic for language and machine translation, Telefonica for image retrieval, etc. All systems relied on the concept of using existing information (be it bank information like receipts, invoices, and orders, translated bilingual files, classification of web images with and without text, etc)  and processing it on the dual concept of off-line training to produce good enough models and on user interaction that generates a system feedback whence the system learns and improves automatically. This is the also the basis, for example, of Pangeanic’s DIY SMT system applied to machine translation. Research and industry presentations ranged from prototypes to applied technology already in use in industry. One star application is the semantic information (and syntactic sometimes […]

Hybrid Machine Translation Use Case at TAUS Tokyo Forum

by Hirokazu Suzuki and Manuel Herranz The second TAUS Tokyo Forum was held on April 19th and 20th2012 at the Aoyama Centre, hosted by Oracle Japan. The Forum had to be cancelled last year as a result of the earthquake disaster which hit Japan on March 11th, 2011. Otherwise, the forum would have run its third edition this year. All of the participants from Japan rejoiced warm-heartedly to be able to take part in the forum again. The main topic of TAUS Executive Forum was use cases of MT technologies and innovative business models. Dieu Tran (Cisco) and Alan Chung (SDL), who received a TAUS award for the best use case this time, talked about their integrated MT/TM system that makes effective use of SMT. Suguru Sakanishi (Yaraku, Inc.) and Miori Sagara (Baobab) presented their collaborative translation platforms that combine MT technology and human resources. Crowdsourcing translation with MT technologies […]