Post-editing of machine translation: the skills and the views of the experts

by Manuel Herranz Ramping up to his role as moderator in the forthcoming Proz’s post-editing debate on 24th September, Jeff Allen (Engineering Tools Integration Expert) from SAP, exchanged views with Pangeanic‘s Manuel Herranz as practitioners and implementors of machine translation solutions. Jeff has been a champion of machine translation and post-editing for decades, with hands-on experience with practically every MT technology, rule-based, knowledge-based and statistical machine translation. His practical approach to language technologies and interest in humanitarian causes led him to deploy a first publicly-available Creole MT solution during the Haiti crisis in 2010. (Click here to see video on how Jeff was able to create a basic machine translation for aid relief system even with little data  The successes and challenges of making low-data languages available in online automatic translation portals and software.) It looks like MT has become a “must-have” technology for all language companies. Some, like Pangeanic, decided […]