Medical Translations

Medical Translations: Quality Matters

by Manuel Herranz When you think about two different jobs, doctors and translators do not come to mind as two related professions But the fields of life science and medicine and translation services do share at least one important feature: you never call the doctor until you need one. Likewise, you never search for translation services until you really need a translator. But the same could be said about the legal profession and legal translations or the engineering industry and technical translations. The translation industry is a multi-facetted industry and professional translators are supposed to be experts or knowledgeable about many fields. It is not a small industry either, and myths about the translation industry are disappearing as technology has been able to automate many processes. Ideally, experienced translators working in any of those particular areas of knowledge will help improve the conditions of each industry, and in particular the […]

Lessons from the best Project Managers

Kirti Vashee, my favorite Twitter lead and MT visionary has published an interesting link showing some tips from the world’s best managers…. all lessons applicable to translation project manager. In short, managers should asks themselves and to concentrate on – Always know whose problem you’re solving – The perfect is the enemy of the deadline. – Make sure you’re talking to the right people. – Ask yourself, “Is this necessary?” These may look like basic skills. Yet we sometimes lose focus on the problems we are trying to solve or worse still, we do not know we are there knowing that managing is solving. Many a time we let the good be in the way of the perfect. A good working version, even if it does not have all the features should go to the market. Bugs can be corrected but missed opportunities seldom come back. A manager with a vision […]