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I used to be a Translator, Now I Run Machine Translation (LocWorld London 2013)

by Manuel Herranz It is only when looking back in time that one realizes how much work has been done, how far we are from where we used to be … what we call progress. That is what happened during our presentation at Localization World presentation of PangeaMT machine translation technologies. Our presentation summarized how the mix of Pangea Machine Translation Technologies have enabled translation practitioners to empower themselves and be active in machine translation rather than just be passive users or passive post-editors. The platform is mostly based on open source developments to allow flexibility and customization, but it also includes proprietary cleaning filters, translation engine creation and retraining, dataset management and a very powerful set of statistics so users can see improvements every step of the way. Pangea is the history of a solution designed for translators, for applied language professionals. It is machine translation as a productivity enhancer […]

Translation Technologies at LocWorld (Part 1: Moses)

by Manuel Herranz I attended Localization World London both as a guest speaker on what I call an upsurge in machine translation, almost a “transition frenzy” towards post-editing “future stability” within the EU-sponsored MosesCore project, organized by TAUS, and as an exhibitor of PangeaMT’s DIY SMT machine translation technologies. The session formed part of the Pre-Conference Day and it was a lively session with plenty of Q&A from attendees, reflecting the high interest MT has stirred among translation users and practitioners nowadays. Prof. Hieu Hoang provided a general introduction to what an SMT system is as translation technology, as well as what translation and language models are. The distinction between a translation model and, probabilities of phrases to figure out how the output sentence is grammatically correct, proper re-ordered, etc. Prof. Hoang related the story of how he originally updated Pharaoh to replace Moses and now only maintains it, as […]

LocWorld Paris 2012 – Machine Translation Use Case Pre-Conference Day – Moses Core

by Manuel Herranz and Kerstin Bier Pangeanic was a guest speaker at Localization World’s Moses Core Pre-Conference Day in Paris, June 2012 thanks to its efforts to make the EU-sponsored academic machine-translation development Moses a commercially viable, user friendly, web-based environment with self-training (DIY) features.   PangeaMT overcomes many of its shortcomings and is built as a solution for language service providers and translation users large and small. The Moses platform is now the most widespread SMT translator in the world, but deployment is not for the faint-hearted, nor the amounts of data  necessary to make it work,  building language pairs, etc. This session was geared at presenting some implementation user cases from several organizations.  I will summarize a star application at Sybase. Kerstin Bier is a member of the Sybase Technical Publications Solutions team (Sybase is now part of SAP). Kerstin has been one of the early adopters of Moses-based […]