Lisa closes operations

by Manuel Herranz There was a time when there was practically one, powerful, language industry organization. It was known as LISA. There was a time when membership was de rigeur for almost any serious LSP. LISA advanced a lot of the work in translation standards, pioneering many of them, as well as metrics. However, defections from LISA, lack of interest and the birth of many other initiatives, sometimes with a more clear focus, have undermined its reign. To the point that it has become insolvent and it has closed. The last  official words from LISA come from its Managing Director, Michael Anobile in the last event he has attended, in Boston. Right after the event, a letter was sent to members and to the industry in general: “It is with sincere regret I inform you that the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) is insolvent and will close its operations effective 28 February […]