Translating online: how to stand out as a freelance translator

Proz, the largest network for language professionals in the world, boasts over 300,000 translators and translation companies. It works as a two-way street for clients and translators to find each other and collaborate on translation projects. The network is especially useful because outsourcers are given the opportunity to examine the professional’s profile, rates and reviews by other clients. Bearing in mind ProZ is home to a vast number of screened professionals, the selection process we follow at Pangeanic is governed by a strict protocol. Professional translation companies need a constant supply of translators in order to cater to the clients’ needs. For this reason, we have to strive to narrow the gap between our availability and the high quality of the translations we deliver. Our main focus is upholding standards of quality when it comes to our pool of translators. We have to maintain a perfect balance between provision and […]