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Freelance Translator Tips for a Successful Career

Welcome to the world of freelance translation! If your goal is to succeed in the competitive world of location-independent translation, you have no option but to subscribe to the idea of the survival of the fittest. ProZ currently has 1,008,777 registered translators and translation companies. If you want to stand out in the eyes of your client, you need to step up your game and take some serious action. This guide includes practical freelance translator tips that are normally overlooked and can help your career skyrocket. The importance of having a competitive spirit If you are transitioning from a student to a freelance translator, you are probably oblivious to your duties as a freelance translator. Newcomers who dive in head-first into freelancing will probably find it hard to cope. Lacking some basic skills, their career tends to be a bumpy ride and their business is likely to die off prematurely. […]