Chinese machine translation

Deep learning – The day language technologies became a Christmas present

It is said the third Monday every January is the saddest day in the year. It does not take deep learning to feel so. A long vacation period has ended. No sight of another one until several months away. Overspent, overstuffed, with no more presents to exchange, with winter settling in the Northern hemisphere and missing the drinks and chocolates that made our sugar levels go sky high, many start booking holidays in the sun. Let’s turn the clocks back to Christmas and we will remember the last few weeks as the Christmas when language technologies made it to the top of the list. Millions of people, literally, have opened boxes whose content was an electronic assistant with a rapidly improving ability to use human language. There are two main products: Amazon’s Echo, featuring the Alexa digital assistant, which sold more than 5m units. In essence, Echo is a desktop […]

EPO & SIPO agree on Chinese-English machine translation for patents

Major breakthrough in enhancement of the global patent system The European Patent Office and the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China have signed an agreement which will have a striking impact in the improvement of the global patent system and the dissemination of technological information in the world. This is an unprecedented move to eliminate linguistic barriers in public access to patent information. The agreement took place at their annual bilateral co-operation meeting held in Chongqing. This service will be free of charge and easily accessible through Internet. Both patent offices agreed to work together to assure that by 2012,  automatic Chinese-English machine translation tools for patents will be available to the public. New possibilities are offered to innovators and users of the patent system with this agreement. It will provide access to a huge part of technological information which remains hidden nowadays due to language barriers. […]