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Facebook to add automated translation services for posts

With over 750 million accounts, Facebook users span nearly every country in the world -and it has been ranked as the 7th most populated country in the world.  It was recently valued at 65,000 million US$. Not bad for a company that lets people chat and share pictures at its basic level, and that connects at its highest. It sucess has brought shadows to other online companies such as Yahoo!, which had to fire its MD Carol Bartz by phone, as the company struggles to keep up with other online giants. Facebook faces a common “problem” many large countries do:  multilinguism (if you consider that a problem) or rather the fact that it holds communities which do not interact with each other as there is a language barrier (that is a problem in the real world and in the digital world). However, according to an Inside Facebook post on 2nd […]

Canada Government launches Language Portal, free access to Termium terminology database

The Government of Canada has launched the Language Portal of Canada and free access to its Termium terminology database. Termium is available in English, French and Spanish, although most of the content is available only in former two languages. Provincial Secretary and Minister responsible for Francophone Affairs June Draude said: “Enhancing French-language services will not only benefit our French-speaking citizens here at home, but will extend a warm welcome to other French speakers from Canada and across the world.” The site has been designed to be a showcase for the French and English languages in Canada and also to promote the use of official languages in the country. The Language Portal features sections on dictionary resources, language use in Canada (official and other), language professions (from translation and interpretation to writing and editing), language usage tips, and a special section on “la Francophonie in Canada” and internationally. The site also […]