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Why is data anonymization important?

Data anonymization refers to the process of de-identifying personal information from text. A type of information sanitization with the intention of protecting privacy. Businesses, governments and citizens generate prodigious amounts of data everyday – and the race to hoard and control it is intensifying. Expectant start-ups seek to make their fortunes by exploiting and analyzing data, while governments around the world are harnessing data for effective policy-making. This unparalleled proliferation of data sparks new and complex questions about how it should be managed and protected. The data landscape Recent years have marked a shift in the way we think about personal information online. High-profile data misuse has made us wary of whom we choose to divulge our information to. The 2018 Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal saw millions of Facebook users’ personal data harvested by the consultancy to be used as fuel for political advertising. Users’ confidence in Facebook’s handling of privacy […]