Discover k-Anonymity, a Property of Anonymized Data

    k-anonymity is a concept linked to privacy and information security, involving "hiding" values within a multitude of data.
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    Latest developments and technology in personal data anonymization

    The anonymization of personal data represents a set of techniques and methods used to guarantee the right to privacy of individuals against the use of[..]
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    How differential privacy complements anonymization to ensure data security

    Undoubtedly, the intelligent use of data is a vital and strategic action for any company or research organization. However, this legitimate exploitati[..]
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    Why is masking personally identifiable information so important?

    The masking of personally identifiable information is a way to protect the sensitive data of an individual, company, or organization. It can also be s[..]
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    6 personal data anonymization techniques you should know about

    Organizations generate and store a large amount of information across their departments, from personal data to purchasing behavior and location detail[..]
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